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Page last updated: August 25, 2019
The Civil Defense General Command Launches Land and Maritime Transport Safety Initiative
  • Tuesday, August 20,2019

The Civil Defense General Command Launches Land and Maritime Transport Safety Initiative

The Civil Defense General Command, in cooperation with its regional directorate, and in coordination with the Security Media Department at the ministry of interior, launched the Land and Maritime Transport Safety initiative. This initiative is part of the 2nd awareness campaign titled Your Protection Is Our Goal , which is done under the Civil Defense General Command’s main awareness plan for 2019. The initiative aims to enhance the protection and safety of land and maritime transport means, in addition to spreading the culture of Prevention among people and institutions in the society.

Major General Dr. Jassim Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Commander of Civil Defense at the Ministry of Interior, said that the launch of the initiative comes within the framework of the strategy of the General Directorate of Civil Defense, which emanates from the strategy of the Ministry of Interior to achieve the highest levels of health and safety and the preservation of lives and property.

He added that the initiative contributes to the implementation of public safety requirements in transport by supporting the owners and operators of ships and boats in taking the necessary measures to find a safe maritime transport, and protect them from injuries resulting from risks and accidents that may occur during sailing or standing on the wharf, as well as guidance Advice and guidance to owners and drivers in taking measures to create a safe road transport that ensures road safety for motorists.

The commander of the Civil Defense explained that the regional civil defense departments have implemented the activities of the initiative of land and maritime transport through the conduct of specialized task forces, which distributed awareness booklets to workers in ports and ships and car inspection stations, and auditors of the departments of licensing mechanisms, drivers, traffic and patrols at the state level, In addition to spreading awareness messages through social media.

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