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Page last updated: November 01, 2016
Board of Emirates Traffic Safety Society explores preparations for International Symposium
  • Monday, October 31,2016

Board of Emirates Traffic Safety Society explores preparations for International Symposium

The Board of the Emirates Traffic Safety Society held a meeting to discuss the final preparations for the international symposium titled "The Impact of Law Enforcement on traffic safety" to be organized under the patronage of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister And Minister of Interior and Honorary President of the society during 2-3 November at the intercontinental hotel, Abu Dhabi.
The meeting was chaired by President of the Society HE Mohammed Salih bin Badwa Al Darmaki, who lauded the efforts being made to complete preparations including the symposium's program and the reception of guests and speakers.
Topics listed on the agenda have been discussed at the meeting. Brigadier Retired. Hassan Ahmed Al Hosani, secretary general of the Society has indicated that most of the organizational procedures including preparations for the opening day have been completed.
Speeches by important personalities will to be delivered at the opening day, including HE Mohammed Salih bin Badwa Al Darmaki, President of the Emirates Traffic Safety Society, Mohammed bin Koman, Secretary- General of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, Bin Nasser Bul Ojoul, Head of the International Organization for Road Accident Prevention, Afifi Al Fareqi, Head of the Arab Organization for Traffic Safety, among others.
Head of the scientific committee, Dr. Nasser Saif Al Mansouri indicated that the program comprises 24 papers to be covered in four sessions in two days by several local, Arab and international bodies including the Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi Police, Dubai Police, Abu Dhabi and Dubai traffic prosecutions.
Papers will also be presented by participants from the EU Transport Safety Council, Federal Road Association, National Mobile Police Service in Norway, Traffic Safety Research Institute of Belgium, Traffic Injury Research Foundation in Canada, the International Commission for Driver Testing in Germany, The Nada Foundation for Safer Egyptian Roads, the UAE University Roadway, Transportation, and Traffic Safety Research Center, the Road Accidents Prevention Society of Portugal, Road Safety at the Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics in Morocco, and the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication in Bahrain.
Other participants also include the National University in Athens, Greece, European Survey of Road Users’ Safety Attitudes, the Traffic Institute in Jordan, the Tunisian Association of Road Accidents Prevention.

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