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Page last updated: January 11, 2019
MoI’s Police Officers’ Club: The Culmination of Ongoing Development to Boost Members’ Skills and Competencies
  • Friday, January 11,2019

MoI’s Police Officers’ Club: The Culmination of Ongoing Development to Boost Members’ Skills and Competencies

The Police Officers Training Institute at the Directorate General of Human Resources at the Ministry of Interior is a prestigious academic hub aimed at boosting the skills and competencies of police officers in the different GHQs and directorates general at the nationwide level. it also aims to enhance police members’ capabilities, hone their skills and increase their knowledge in all fields.

Brigadier Omar Mohamed Al Khayyal, Director of the Police Officers Training Institute, said: The institute held 114 training courses that benefitted 1650 participants and nine (9) leadership courses that included 264 officers din 2018. The courses tackled several topics, notably specialized police work and academic research methods, as well as strategic thinking, problem solving management, decision-making, disasters and crises management and innovation in police work. Other courses included excellence and leadership basics; in addition to topics on improving productivity, enhancing performance, enacting policies, efficient communication, persuasion and negotiation skills and other topics related to police work and ways to modernize institutional performance.

He said that the institute's philosophy focuses on the basic frameworks of the ministry's work that focus on creativity, development, innovation and the sciences of looking ahead, reading the existing and future challenges to build on them, finding the best solutions in an innovative way, In the completion of work and provide security services and raise the level of departments and staff and achieve the highest levels of administrative efficiency.

The Institute for Training Officers in the Ministry of the Interior was established in 1992 by ministerial decree. The Institute has started its activities in the field of officer training since that year. It has been affiliated with the Police College. It has two sections: the Training Section and the Scientific Coordination Section. In 2015, The Institute has been appointed to the General Directorate of Human Resources at the Ministry of the Interior under Ministerial Decision No. 23, and the organizational structure of the Institute has been fully modified. It has three sections, ten branches and branches to be in line with the movement of renaissance and development witnessed by the State in various fields.

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