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Page last updated: January 28, 2020
Civil Defense Launches the Key Awareness Plan for 2020
  • Monday, January 27,2020

Civil Defense Launches the Key Awareness Plan for 2020

The Civil Defense General Command at the Ministry of Interior (MoI), in cooperation with the Security Media Department at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) launched the Key Awareness Plan for 2020 in line with the strategy, vision and mission of the Civil Defense General Command under the Ministry of Interior’s strategy. 

The aim is to promote wellbeing in the UAE community, spread preventive awareness between members of the community to face threats and challenges, and preserve lives and properties. These steps seek to achieve the strategic objective of making the UAE among the best countries in the world in terms of security and safety.

Major General Dr. Jassem Muhammad Al Marzouqui, Civil Defense General Commander-in-Chief at the Ministry of Interior stated that the key awareness plan for this year includes four main campaigns that comprise of 18 specialized awareness initiatives, and will last throughout 2020. The plan also included the celebration of the Civil Defense World Day on March 1. 

 He said that the plan included 23 participants on global and local occasions, including 10 global and 13 local national participation, including participation in the Expo 2020 exhibition, intensifying community awareness, strengthening civil defense preparations, measuring the readiness of operational preparedness for its services, and emergency response plans.

 He also mentioned  that the plan include preparation of  educational documentary films within the awareness plan, and the implementation of a number of courses, as well as the intensification of prevention and safety campaigns through the visual, audio and print media, and social media to communicate the educational message clearly to the targeted groups.

Civil Defense General Commander-in-Chief at the Ministry of Interior  emphasized keenness to take all preventive measures to protect lives and property through the optimal employment of all capabilities, technologies and modern mechanisms, and manpower, and to implement educational programs to enhance prevention efforts to face risks and challenges.

 He pointed out that the 2020 plan was prepared in accordance with clear-cut visions and mechanisms to spread the culture of prevention and safety among members of society, valuing the public’s role in assuming its social responsibilities to protect and protect from fire risk, and integrating their efforts with civil defense efforts to protect lives, property and national gains.

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