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Page last updated: March 12, 2019
Wide International Attendance of the Interfaith Alliance Exhibition in Geneva
  • Tuesday, March 12,2019

Wide International Attendance of the Interfaith Alliance Exhibition in Geneva

The Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities exhibition currently held in Geneva in line with its international tour for this year, witnessed high level visits of international figures who expressed their appreciation to the Alliance’s efforts to achieve its goals, with the essential support of the United Arab Emirates. The visitors included a large number of officials, ambassadors of member states to the United Nations (UN), representatives of civil society, academics and experts in community protection

The exhibition has continued its activities since its arrival in Geneva his third stop on March 5th , in its continuous travel as a Mobile exhibition across the world. The Interfaith Alliance launched from the heart of the capital Abu Dhabi with the support of the UAE's leadership.

The exhibition provides a simple and interactive platform for communication between participants from different age groups and scientific and religious backgrounds, with the objective of raising awareness about sexual assault and crimes against children.

Religious leaders and institutions have worked to create safe environments for children and protect them from violence at the grassroots level; they have contributed to changing social and cultural norms that condone violence, and have been instrumental in influencing policies at the national level.

Francesco Pisano, Director UN Library Geneva, President of UNOG Cultural Committee UN and Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children, Marta Santos Pais were among visitors ,Ms Pais said: Organizing the Interfaith Alliance Mobile Exhibition in Geneva on the margins of the Human Rights Council, is a reminder for states, civil societies, faith communities and the general public that together, we can make a difference.

HE Obaid Salem Al Zaabi, Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations in Geneva visited also the Exhibition and expressed his appreciation and support for such global events which the UAE offers to the world in its efforts to achieve prosperity and social stability and support all global efforts.

This exhibition highlights the impact of religious leaders in their communities and the role they play in promoting child protection across the digital world, especially in the areas of extortion and sexual exploitation that they may experience while learning and using the Internet, Al Zaabi explained.

Following similar efforts in Abu Dhabi, and Davos, with technical and logistic support provided by the United Arab Emirates, the Interfaith Alliance continue Mobile Exhibition.

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