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Page last updated: October 16, 2019
Civil Defense Launches the (0_3) Accelerator to Reduce Fire Fatalities
  • Wednesday, October 16,2019

Civil Defense Launches the (0_3) Accelerator to Reduce Fire Fatalities

The Civil Defense General Command, in cooperation with its regional departments, and in coordination with the Security Media Department at the Ministry of Interior (MoI), launched the (0_3) Accelerator to reduce the fatality rates resulting from fires in the emirates of the UAE. The new accelerator comes in line with the 100 Days Challenge and the strategic indicators of the Civil Defense Sector.

Major General Dr. Jassim Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Commander in Chief of Defense, said that the launch of the Accelerator will have a significant impact on the sustainability of the UAE community's sense of security and safety, through the adoption of innovative methods and practices in the prevention and adoption of intelligent systems in the speed of response and dealing with fires, in addition to the adoption of a number of local legislation And federal to achieve the desired goal.

He pointed out that the experience of Singapore, which is the first in the world in reducing the mortality rate from fires, was reviewed and the measures taken in this regard were explained. Benefit from innovation, partners and the community in the 100 Day Challenge. The focus will be on the culture of evacuation, the behavior to be followed by target groups at the time of the event, the adoption and adoption of strong fire safety systems in buildings and facilities, and an effective community partnership that contributes to To protect lives and property and preserve national gains.

The General Commander of the Civil Defense pointed out that the executive work plans were adopted, and the accelerators plan was launched at the level of each emirate, including raising the operational efficiency of human cadres, and intensifying field surveys in the areas of competence of the civil defense centers spread throughout the country, in addition to the use of equipment and mechanisms commensurate with The nature of the event site, as well as the enhancement of the response capabilities through the accuracy and correctness of the reports.
He stressed that the commitment to the installation of safety systems associated with the operating room, and the application of prevention and safety requirements at home and work sites is the first line of defense to prevent risks, achieve accelerator, and reduce the mortality rate from fire.

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