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Page last updated: November 30, 2021
MOI celebrates Commemoration Day
  • Tuesday, November 30,2021

MOI celebrates Commemoration Day

With the flag flying at half-mast today at 8 am, the Ministry of Interior has marked the UAE Commemoration Day. The Ministry’s officers and staff observed a one minute silence for supplication at 11:30 am, and then the flag was hoisted again to fly full mast at the Ministry’s premises at 11:31 am, accompanied by the UAE National Anthem.

Commanders of the Ministry of Interior and the General Police HQs expressed their appreciation and pride in the martyrs of the UAE, who sacrificed their souls for their homeland and made offered what they could to strengthen their country with dignity, truth and justice.

The 30th of November is a day on which the highest meanings of loyalty and generosity are embodied; a day on which the UAE remembers its eternal martyrs whose memory will forever survive. We stand with reverence, recalling their sacrifices, heroism and loyalty to their homeland and their nation. We stand to remember their firm belief in sacrifice for the UAE so that it may be the symbol of dignity, strength and resilience.

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