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Page last updated: October 26, 2021
Police Chiefs Council discusses field training for police recruits and candidates on civil defense operations  
  • Tuesday, October 26,2021

Police Chiefs Council discusses field training for police recruits and candidates on civil defense operations  

HE Lt.-Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chief of Police and Public Security in Dubai, Chairman of the Police Chiefs Council, chaired the council's virtual meeting in the presence of a number of police chiefs, senior officers and officials at the Ministry of Interior. During the meeting, members of the council discussed a number of important topics on its agenda.

The Council reviewed the training program in the field of civil defense, dedicated to vocational rehabilitation courses and field training for police personnel who join police academies and colleges, it also aims to introduce the nature of accidents related to civil defense and the tasks that it can perform to facilitate these

HE Lt.-Gen. Dhahi Khalfan praised this program, pointing to its importance in providing its affiliates, police officers and civil defense workers, with field and scientific experiences through .He added that they can professionally inspect the scene of the accident and prepare accurate reports.

The Council also reviewed a mechanism for harmonizing the classification of cybercrime according to the international classification of crime, monitoring its indicators, the degree of its severity.

The Council was briefed on the Cabinet's proposal for strategic direction, setting goals and strategic plans to combat emerging crime and contributing to addressing it locally and internationally.

The Council also discussed the expectations and future needs of partners and police leaders in the country.

The Council reviewed a report on the strategic indicators related to crimes and their perpetrators, and the classification of crimes committed in terms of their type and severity.

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