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Page last updated: October 25, 2021
Aqdar World Summit Shines at EXPO 2020 Dubai with the New Theme “Positive Global Citizenship”
  • Monday, October 25,2021

Aqdar World Summit Shines at EXPO 2020 Dubai with the New Theme “Positive Global Citizenship”

The fourth edition of the Aqdar World Summit was launched today at the Dubai Expo 2020, featuring a number of activities which took place in both sites of the summit, site A (Dubai Exhibition Center South Halls 1A, 1C), Site B (Expo 2020 Dubai Fazza Pavilion) and this is where bright minds and different cultures all gathered for the making of a bright future by enriching the concept of positive global citizenship.

The opening ceremony was attended by H.E. Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi Minister of Education, H.E. Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development, H.E. Fahad Al Gargawi CEO of the Dubai Investment Development Agency, Lt. General Expert / Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Vice Defense commander in Chief, H.E. Dr. Ibrahim Al Dabal, CEO of Khalifa Empowerment Program-Aqdar, H.E. Colonel Abdulrahman Al Mansouri, Director of the Executive Office in the Department of Behavioral Rewards at the Ministry of Possibilities. H.E. Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Executive Chairman of Aqdar World Summit and Chairman of INDEX Holding and a number of officials and visitors from EXPO Dubai 2020.

Their excellencies the Ministers and the accompanied delegation toured the exhibition area where they were introduced to the best practices offered and presented by the local and international participating companies in the AWS Exhibition.

Under the new theme of the summit’s 4th version Positive Global Citizenship – Empowerment of Sustainable Investment Opportunities , we continue the activities until 30th October 2021 in Dubai Exhibition Center and Fazaa Pavilion Expo 2021. Taking Expo 2020 as one of the prime locations of the summit confirms the eagerness of enriching the cultural exchange for sake of human empowerment.

Aqdar World Summit is an initiative by Khalifa Empowerment Program – Aqdar, and it is a global platform for leaders, decision makers, experts, specialists, companies and leading establishments from all over the world who gather to discuss local and global topics related to empowering the societies by its humanitarian, cultural and ideological dimensions to enable a prosperous and bright future for individuals and to guarantee safety, stability and prosperity for all societies in every corner of the world.

The first day of the summit revealed the activities of "Aqdar Lab", which is a new concept of conferences introduced by the organizing committee this year. The events and activities that are organized under the umbrella of "Aqdar Lab" were launched, including: the "Aqdar Majlis", which is a dialogue platform that brings together senior leaders, policymakers, academics, researchers, and scientists from around the world to present share, and discusses trends, new developments in global positive citizenship and best practices and explore ways to exchange human knowledge. and "Aqdar Bootcamp", a dynamic work platform to support and empower emerging companies and startups while providing innovative and unique ideas in the field of business and empower youth in the field of investment to promote the country’s economy and develop innovative ideas in the field of investment and Artificial Intelligence in line with the new strategic vision of the country. The activity witnessed the participation of 144 candidates with a total of 73 projects in various fields, where analytical interviews were conducted to study their innovative projects, and 10 projects were shortlisted and provided with licenses and some facilities that enable them to start their new projects.
Activities in site A
The first day of the summit included many activities organized by the panel to enrich the concept of positive global citizenship, and in line with the vision of the wise leadership of the government for the next 50 years which would highlight various matters that relate to the society and empowering its individuals as it casts to provide space for individuals to express themselves for the sake of achieving the main goal of this global event in developing the minds to prosper the nations.
From his side, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of the World Health Organization reiterated during his speech on the importance of global convergence and collaboration in order to enhance peace, health, and global prevention through positive practices and fruitful cooperation between all countries, including governments and civil society institutions.
In lights of the role of positive global citizenship in humanitarian work. Aqdar Majlis hosted a discussion chaired by Ambassador Gerhard Putman Cramer, Director of the Global Scientific Advisory Board for DIHAD Conference and Exhibition and attended by Ms. Clare Dalton, Head of Mission for ICRC in UAE as well as Mr. Mario Stephan, Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders.
Later during the same activity -Aqdar Majlis- H.E. Bishop Dr. Paul Hinder, OFM Cap. spoke about the promotion of human fraternity in multinational society and in a later stage Dr. Naser Aref, International Scientific Researcher spoke about scientific rooting of the concepts of positive global citizenship.

Another initiative was also launched on the first day of Aqdar Lab which is Aqdar Roots , where a child from four different countries including: Japan, United States, United Kingdom and Russia will speak about their experience in their school in the UAE, in order to enrich the concept of positive global citizenship and exchange the experience between children living in and out of UAE.

There is also Aqdar Art an initiative organized in cooperation with EMMA for Peace organization whereas various concerts will take place in the morning and evening. This activity emphasizes the important role of music to enrich and spread peace and love amongst all population.

Moreover, there is INDEX Talks , an activity that enables inspiring people to tell their success story in public without revealing their identity. On another hand, Aqdar Roots featured Roxan Tara from Australia and Sophie Shalan from Russia as they both spoke about the concept of positive global citizenship within the UAE in presence of students from their respective schools, and Aqdar Art included live concert performed by Bafoory, Artist Abdullah Al Shamsi, Artist Enrico Mianoli and Artist Vitorio Coculu. Meanwhile in Aqdar Bootcamp there were practicing sessions for whomever chosen for auditioning program. From another prospective, the accompanied exhibition featured an outstanding participation from all parts of the world.

Extensive events at Fazaa Pavilion
Fazaa pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai witnessed the second day of the 4th Aqdar World Summit under the slogan Positive Global Citizenship - Enabling Sustainable Investment Opportunities. The second day featured the launch of interactive events, sessions and programs that enhance the concept of communication and the role of new media in exchanging ideas.

The Aqdar roundtable event featured an exchange of interactive and discussions with experts, specialists and decision-makers addressing "the role of new and social media in promoting positive citizenship," in cooperation with the Emirates News Agency (WAM). Speakers spoke about the great role that the new media plays in conveying the positive image of practices and behaviors that will make an impact in societies and reflect the future outlook of the social media users.

The Future Leadership Forum discussed the vision and pioneering role of leaders and decision-makers in drawing up strategic and forward-looking plans and programs. The forum, by reviewing global experiences, aims at creating an integrated system for the next stage.

The Emirati Credibility event presented the topic "the Emirati is educated" in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Youth. The event highlighted the deep-seated values of the Emirati citizens and the efforts they make to serve their country and promote its reputation worldwide through holding panel discussions in cooperation with government agencies and national entities.

For the second day in a row, the Emirati, and I can session hosted the notable Emirati personality Ahmed Al Falasi, winner of the 2020 Arab Hope Makers Award. At the session, he spoke about his personal experience and the humanitarian assistance he provided to help those in need and support the judicious leadership in their endeavors and assistance for all.

On the second day, the Aqdar Panel Discussions addressed the talking point on how to promote positive global citizenship within various cultures. During the discussions, opinions were given by a group of experts and specialists from across the societal and international spectrum.

The activities of the second day were wrapped up with the folklore and global positive citizenship event in cooperation with the Hamdan bin Mohamed Heritage Center as well as a number of pavilions of the participating countries in Expo 2020 Dubai. The second day of the event dealt with the common cultural link between the Emirati folklore and the Greek folklore, with both cultures considering the ship as an important. Discussions revolved around the significance of this symbol in the relationship between the two countries.

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