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Page last updated: October 10, 2021
MOI holds medical lecture on World Mental Health Day
  • Sunday, October 10,2021

MOI holds medical lecture on World Mental Health Day

The Ministry of the Interior, represented by the Department of Staff Happiness, in cooperation with Mediclinic Hospital, held a lecture titled World Mental Health Day via video conference technology. The lecture is held on the tenth of October every year and aims to raise employees’ awarenss about the importance of mental health issues and diseases and the impact they may have on health.

The lecture was delivered by Dr. Noha Youssef Mohamed Shalaby, a psychiatrist, and tackled the definition of mental health and how it is recognized among members of the community. Dr Noha discussed the impact of mental health on physical health, and gave a simplified definition of mental health diseases, methods of treatment and how to maintain good mental health.

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