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Page last updated: August 06, 2020
Virtual summer camp to brief students about procedures of digital safety
  • Thursday, August 06,2020

Virtual summer camp to brief students about procedures of digital safety

The Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood and the Child Protection Centre at the Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with the International Computer Driving Licence Foundation, have announced that they are organising the virtual summer camp (Mini Master Class) to educate students on how to stay safe online.

The summer camp will take place from 9th to 20th August remotely via the technology of video communication, for school students from 10 to 16 years old, from all Emirates. It aims to raise students' awareness about the prevention on the Internet, and to learn skills through a cybersecurity course and online research.

Camp participants are divided into two groups working simultaneously for a period of 10 hours, one hour per day from Sunday to Thursday. The International Computer Driving License Foundation runs the training project. A questionnaire will be made through the Ministry of the Interior Child Protection Centre to measure the extent to which these summer programs benefit and the positive impact it has on students.

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