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Page last updated: August 03, 2022
The Civil Defense launches the “Our Students are our Future” campaign
  • Wednesday, August 03,2022

The Civil Defense launches the “Our Students are our Future” campaign

The MoI Civil Defense General Command has launched the 3rd awareness campaign Our Students our responsibility as part of the 2022 plans to raise awareness during summer about safety and in preparation to go back to school.

This campaign focuses on the most important requirements, prevention recommendations and positive behavior that should be in place to enhance safety and prevention in all activities that the UAE students and youth undertake.

This campaign raises awareness about the MoI efforts to disseminate prevention concepts, sensitize the community on how to reinforce civil protection, a culture of safety, responsibility, and the respect of safety and prevention requirements by youth.

The campaign includes a myriad of activities such as lectures, awareness on social media, engaging with the youth through centers and camps they take part in, as well as send messages in various media, to ensure the highest level of safety, civil protection and preserve lives and property.

Awareness topics include safety measures on busses and in schools, introduction to various types of fire extinguishers, as well as more general topics revolving around safety and protection.

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