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Page last updated: July 19, 2021
The Civil Defense fully ready for Al Adha
  • Monday, July 19,2021

The Civil Defense fully ready for Al Adha

The Directorate General of Civil Defense assured that its regional departments and centers are fully ready on all the UAE territories to receive al Adha through raising the level of preparedness and alertness in anticipation of any possible emergency during Eid celebrations.

Major General Dr. Jassim Mohammed al Marzouqi, Civil Defense Commander in Chief at the MoI, said that the civil defense adopted a number of procedures and preventive measures in preparation for Eid, mainly directing all civil defense departments to increase their readiness in terms of human power and equipment to offer the best services to protect lives and property.

The Civil Defense Commander in Chief warned from the risk of fireworks that youth and children play with during Eid as they might cause fires and severe injuries to those playing with them. He called onto parents to monitor their children closely and not allow them to buy or manipulate fireworks.

Number of hits : 733

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