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Page last updated: June 22, 2022
Light Air Sports Committee discusses prospects of future projects
  • Wednesday, June 22,2022

Light Air Sports Committee discusses prospects of future projects

The Follow-up Committee for the Implementation of the Light Air Sports System has held a brainstorming session on the security challenges posed by the risks of light air sports titles "Towards a Safer Future. The seesion was held with the participation of the concerned authorities in the Committee in Dubai.

Major General Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior and head of the committee, confirmed in a statement that work is continuing in an integrated manner in order to achieve the goals for which the committee was found in enhancing the security and safety of society and improving the quality of life for the Emirati community.

He added that we are working in a team spirit on projects that enhance the achievement of these goals and present a series of initiatives to implement the light air sports system and requirements.

The session opened by Col. Pilot Abdullah Al Marashda, who gave a welcoming speech and explained part of the committee's work and the most important things it did and how important it is in promoting integrative work.

Maj. Ismail Asnan Al Hammadi, member of the committee who supervised the organization of the innovation lab, gave a presentation on the functions of the committee to follow up on the implementation of the light air sports system and explained the mechanism for implementing the "innovation lab.

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