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Page last updated: May 12, 2022
MOI holds virtual meeting on external benchmarking
  • Thursday, May 12,2022

MOI holds virtual meeting on external benchmarking

The Ministry of Interior held a virtual meeting attended by participants from the UAE Ministry of Interior and the police general HQs. They discussed with their US and UK counterparts ways to improve police work and also identify the best international procedural and technological methods and practices in criminal work, benchmarking, DNA fingerprinting analysis, types of robotic devices and modern chemical solutions used to complete the analysis successfully.

The attendees also discussed the scientific methods used in this field and the exchange of experiences. At the conclusion of the discussion, participants stressed the maximum benefit of such meetings, which contribute to the development and promotion of work.

They added that these meetings enable all parties to learn about the latest scientific and technical developments in the areas of criminal investigation and crime control, to reach the highest standards in receiving the desired results from field and laboratory examinations and surveys.

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