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Page last updated: April 15, 2021
Police College organizes lecture titled 'Artificial Intelligence
  • Thursday, April 15,2021

Police College organizes lecture titled 'Artificial Intelligence

In cooperation with the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, the Police College organized a virtual educational lecture titled "Artificial Intelligence" via video conference technology. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Anas Al Awdat from the Center's Advanced Sciences, Futures and Artificial Intelligence Sector.

The lecture is part of the Police College’s endeavours to spread cultural, security, educational and technical awareness among its cadets and candidate students, and its cultural program prepared this year.

During the lecture, Dr. Al Awdat tackled (applications, trends and potential risks) and provided an explanation of some smart applications and their potential risks, and ways to avoid these risks and benefit from the advantages offered by these applications. 

He also discussed the future prospects which AI science offers in various fields such as health, education and scientific discoveries, the foundations of reliable AI systems, their operating mechanisms, the challenges associated with them, and the global activities related to AI.

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