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Page last updated: January 23, 2021
MOI in virtual workshop presents UAE experience in National Response model
  • Saturday, January 23,2021

MOI in virtual workshop presents UAE experience in National Response model

The Ministry of Interior took part in an international virtual workshop on combating crimes of sexual exploitation of children, presenting the achievements of the Global Security Alliance and the role it plays in enhancing international cooperation to face these crimes. At the workshop, the Ministry presented the experience of the UAE in putting in place the National Response Model to protect children and provide a safe environment for them and which was recognized by many countries in the world.

The workshop was attended by Ian Drennan, Executive Director of the Global Alliance (WeProtect). Lt. Col. Abdulrahman Al Tamimi, Director of Child Protection Center at the Ministry of Interior, presented the National Response Model in the UAE. Representatives of the member states of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, the representative of the Arab Office on Drugs and Crime Affairs, and a number of child protection experts and specialists.

Lt. Col. Abdulrahman Al Tamimi highlighted some major aspects in The National Response Model in the Emirates, stressing that the UAE is one of the first countries to adopt legislation, laws and initiatives that guarantee the protection of children from all forms of abuse and sexual exploitation, He also assured on the importance of international alliances and joint work in order to enhance the protection of children from abuse and exploitation along with the need to benefit from international cooperation, exchange of experiences and better Experiences and practices by governmental and private sectors in building capacities and legislations in the face of sexual exploitation of children.

Ian Drennan, Executive Director of the Global Alliance (WeProtect) highlighted some aspect of international efforts to protect children and the role of the coalition in promoting these efforts.

He also presented the first Manuel in a series of coalition publications that aim to raise awareness of challenges that threaten the safety of societies. The Manuel focused on child sexual abuse and exploitation via the Internet (OCSE), It also provides important insights about the forms of these crimes, the most prominent global theories and experiences in combating them. It also provides tactics to deal with victims and other information materials, and ways to read, analyze and resolve data.

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