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Page last updated: June 15, 2021

The first MoI Majlis 2021

15June 21

The first MoI Majlis 2021

The first MoI Majlis 2021 launches on Tuesday organized by the law-abiding culture office at the Ministry. The virtual meeting is part of the initiative titled our Majlis in your home . It addresses modern technology risk on societies . The speakers are  Khaled Mubarak Al Madhabi, president of the cybercrime federal prosecution, Dr. Omar Habtoor al Darei, Director General of the UAE Ifta council, Dr. Obeid Saleh al Mokhten, researcher and academic on IT and crime, Colonel Rashed Ahmad al Aboud, Deputy Director of the federal community support division. The session is moderated by  Halima Hassan Abdullah.
The session starts at 9. You can join through the link below.

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