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Page last updated: April 28, 2021


27April 21

Under the patronage of HH General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed al Nahyan, deputy prime minister, minister of interior, the 10th edition of the MoI Ramadan Majlis 2021 will launch on Tuesday, virtually in line with covid 19 precautionary measures.

As part of the 50 year initiative, this year’s edition touches on topics related to human centered AI, work in the future, happiness and quality of life in the digital age, and long life in the future, with the participation of academia and experts from abroad and moderated by local media representatives.

The second Ramadan Majlis moderated by Ms. Khadija Hussein Abdullah, executive director of government communication at the UAE government media office, will address three topics: 1) long life in the future by Pr. Andrew Scott, economist and business expert; 2) happiness and quality of life in the digital age by Pr. Michael Norton, professor of business and member of behavior insight at Harvard university; 3) the future of happiness and quality of life, by Australian Mark Bonn, expert in physical health, psychological fitness and life skills.

The MoI is keen to guarantee the continuity of the Majlis organized every Ramadan given the vital role it plays in enhancing community engagement, the spread of a positive culture and strengthening ties with the community especially under present circumstances with the continued pandemic.

The MoI adopted the smart Majlis for the second year in a row to ensure continued community engagement while maintaining social distancing and respecting health precautions.

The Majlis presents suggestions and recommendations to improve the quality of services, and contributes to social stability and security, so that the community can be an active partner in the development and construction path the UAE is undertaking in different realms.

To participate please visit the following link: https://bit.ly/3elDL3F

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