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Page last updated: November 02, 2016
Almost One Billion Interact with "Express Your Love for the UAE" Initiative
  • Tuesday, November 01,2016

Almost One Billion Interact with "Express Your Love for the UAE" Initiative

The number of participants in the "Express your love for the UAE" initiative, both in Arabic and English, is fast heading towards one billion lovers of the UAE worldwide, now standing at 825 million.

Colonel Dr. Ibrahim Al Dabl, Coordinator of the Khalifa Empowerment Students Program "Aqdar" said: the content of the initiative has reached the world through the various social media. As many as 6.000 persons interacted through the YouTube, 10 million English hashtag users, 56 million Arabic hashtag users, 455.000 impressions via the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as distribution of 970 brochures about the initiative via social media.

"The initiative launched by Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, is an interactive platform to express love for the UAE", said Al Dabl.
"It is not strange that people across the globe have interacted with it and with the nation's leadership", he added.

The initiative included 45 expressions that focus on highlighting the UAE efforts abroad. Ways of expression included values such as sacrifice life in allegiance to the Emirates and to protect the independence of its territory, to defend the nation and make it a sacred duty within oneself , to respect the Emirates’ constitution, laws, culture and traditions, to know the history of the UAE leaders and owe them love and loyalty, to learn from the UAE leaders how to develop civilization, hope and happiness in the heart of the residents , to learn the history of the UAE, its achievements and its role in the world, both past and present, to learn how the UAE and its leaders love all the people in the world, and to be transparent and cooperative with all the different institutions of the country, in order to sustain security and stability.

He indicated that the initiative aims at fostering loyalty and belonging to the country, adding that outstanding participants will be awarded during the closing ceremony. The award categories included an award for best participation from an embassy or organizations in the UAE, best participation from Emirati youth living abroad, best literature work, best cultural production, and best Arab nation to express its love for the UAE and best street advertisement on the love of the UAE.

Aqdar has outlined 5 main messages for the initiative, all focusing on promoting a culture of national education amongst the segments of society (of which there are many). The initiative will function as a message of love and peace, and an invitation to all citizens to promote their patriotic feelings towards the UAE and its wise leadership. It Promotes a Sincere National Vision with a goal to plant a positive seed whose growth will illuminate the path for a splendid present and a clear and pure future. Moreover, it defines the humanitarian and developmental role of the United Arab Emirates regionally and globally and publicizes the UAE’s culture of tolerance, knowledge seeking and spreading of peace.

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