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Page last updated: January 14, 2014
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Service Category
From Government to People, From Government to Government, From Government to Business
Civil Defense
Service Beneficiary
Companies, Individuals(Resident, Citizen)
Service Channels
User manual
Sustainable Development Goals

Peace, justice and strong institutions
Estimated Delivery Time
15 minute
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  • Service Description

    Is the adoption of a boat T transfer Cylinders after preventive requirements are met and the required documents the status of the examination and issuance of the vehicle permit card
  • Service Execution Steps

    * Access the website, select the desired service, fill in the E- Form, and Pay the fees electronically * Get reference barcode * Attach the required documents * The comprehensive employee receives the transaction and verifies the application and the service- related documents * When the transaction is processed and the transaction- related procedures are finalized, a text message is sent to the applicant * The Service Result is issued and is handed over to the applicant by hand or by mail or Empost
  • Support Documents Required

    """1 - Vehicle inspection form 2 - Copy of vehicle ownership. 3 - A copy of the driving license of the driver. 4 - A copy of the business license. 5 - A copy of the permit card driving hazardous materials transport vehicle to the driver. "
  • Service Requirements

    "1 - The vehicle must be valid for walking according to Macleh or model checking traffic. 2 - must be outward appearance and dye vehicle in good condition and there is no Tj or damage. 3 - Write the company name and phone number on the side doors and behind the fund in Arabic and English. 4 - Write a danger sign and no smoking on the side of the Fund and the back in red. 5 - is (Attention is forbidden to approach the vehicle to transport ...........) in red on the back of the Fund. 6 - put the United Nations panel on both sides and the back of the Fund. 7 - Installation Uah yellow on the steering cabin. 8 - provides the vehicle number (2) fire extinguisher valid of Aleodrh dry capacity each (4) kg and each placed a metal box on both sides of the vehicle. 9 - paste strips phosphorous from the yellow color - black reflector basidiomycetes front and rear and side. 10 - Installation of spark-resistant exhaust to be mounted horizontally exhaust and not driving down the cabin away from the fuel tank. 11 - must be a transport vehicle fund chemicals closed from the top and sides and sealing leaks to the outside. 12 - reservation of radioactive material iron box inside the vehicle and fish fund at least uncle (8) mm and lock provider. 13 - Installation of an audio warning device to alert when you open the rear door of a vehicle radioactive materials. 14 - should fund transport vehicle gas cylinders closed at the top and sides. 15 - Installation of vehicle moving from behind the iron transport vehicle fund gas cylinders. 16 - should fund ground transport vehicle gas cylinders of wood thickness of 12 mm. 17 - must be internal and side barriers of iron removable for transport vehicle gas cylinders. 18 - The driver should wear a business suit."
  • Service Fees Details

    500+10دراهم معرفه - AED 10 + EAD 500 knowledge
  • Terms & Conditions

  • Working hours to provide service

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