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Page last updated: January 10, 2014
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Service Category
From Government to People, From Government to Government, From Government to Business
Civil Defense
Service Beneficiary
Companies, Individuals(Resident, Citizen)
Service Channels
User manual
Sustainable Development Goals

Peace, justice and strong institutions
Estimated Delivery Time
30 minute
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  • Service Description

    Entities Authorized by relevant department to sell, install and miantain preventive safety and firefighting hardware, equipment and materials and their suplementary parts/ supplies by a notorized trade agency as per established laws and regulations
  • Service Execution Steps

    * Access the website, select the desired service, fill in the E- Form, and Pay the fees electronically * Get reference barcode * Attach the required documents * The comprehensive employee receives the transaction and verifies the application and the service- related documents * When the transaction is processed and the transaction- related procedures are finalized, a text message is sent to the applicant * The Service Result is issued and is handed over to the applicant by hand or by mail or Empost
  • Support Documents Required

    " Distributor Should Provide Copies Of Following Documents: Commercial License Issued By Licensing Concerned Authority At The Respective Emirate Where Activity Is Carried Out. Certificate Of Registration Issued By Chamber Of Commerce & Industry . Applicant’s Valid Passport Photo Copy List Of Equipments/Devices Shall Be Provided Distribution Agreement Signed With Approved Agent And Attested By Notary Public, Stating Equipments/Devices . Equipments/Devices Testing Reports Issued By Locally & Internationally Accredited Laboratory Approved By Civil Defence GHz Proofing Products Are Confirm And Tested To International Acceptable Standards As Per Local Authority Requirements (Samples Tests Are Not Accepted), In Case The Agent Is Licensed In Different Emirate. Certificate Of Standardization Issued By Uae’s Standards & Meteorology Authority For The Products (If There Is Any), In Case The Agent Is Licensed In Different Emirate. Technical Specification Brochure Shall Be Provided In Case Agent Is Licensed In A Different Emirate. Samples Of Equipments/Devices Shall Be Provided For Testing And Conformity Authenticated Legal Translation Of All Documents From Non-Arabic To Arabic Language. Undertaking Letter From The Appointed Agent To Declare All Products Are Under Warranty For 3- 5 Years Based On The Nature Of Each Product. "
  • Service Requirements

    "Technical Requirements For Licensing Agent Two specialized Engineers for each Preventive Satefy System submitted for licensing with a minimum of 5 Years Experience in installing and maintaining systems/equipment inteneded to obtain the license( or 3 years if applicant is a UAE nantional). this item is not applicable for services that require after-sale services. 4 specialized Technicians for each Preventive Satefy System submitted for licensing , Minimum 2 Years Experience if they hold a diploma in the field, 3 Years if they are holders of General Secondary School Certificate And 5 Years Experience If they hold a qualification less then a GSSC. this item is not applicable for services that require after-sale services. Provice a technical workshop in line with sepcifications attached to this regulation in order to maintain equipment intended for registration this item is not applicable for services that require after-sale services. All useage certificate and refilling instractions attached to hardware written in Arabic and English Provide detailed original technical specifications for equipment, hardware and material intened for licensing All hardware, equipment and material shall carry accrditation label issued by a lab approved by CD GHQ "
  • Service Fees Details

    1000درهم + 100 لكل معده - AED 1000 + AED 100 for each piece of equipment
  • Terms & Conditions

  • Working hours to provide service

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