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Abbreviations & Glossary

Page last updated: December 10, 2017


Federal Law No. (11) of 2009 concerning Martial Law

Federal Law No. (37) of 2006 On Private Security Companies

Federal Law No (12) of 1976 On the Police and Security Force

Cabinet Resolution No. (24) of 2012 Concerning Regulating Civil Defense Services in the State

Term Description
UAE United Arab Emirates
President President of the United Arab Emirates
MOI Ministry of Interior
Minister Minister of Interior
Undersecretary of the Ministry Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior
Armed Forces the State’s Armed Forces
General Directorate of Police  the General Headquarters or General Directorate of Police in each emirate.
Force members Officers, non-commissioned officers, constables and guards.
Officer Any member of the uniformed service who holds the rank of Lieutenant at least
Constable Anyone who is lower in rank than a non-commissioned officer.





International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) 


The European Police Office (Europol) 


GCC Police Force (GCC-Pol)

ISNR International Conference for Security and National Resilience
VGT Virtual Global Taskforce
EPM Enterprise Project Management
BSC Balance Score Card
BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer)
RSS  Really Simple Syndication
UDB  Unified DataBase
G2C  Government to consumer
G2E Government to employee
G2B  Government to Business 
G2G  Government to Government

Term Description
Federal Law No. (11) of 2009 concerning Martial Law

Martial Law

a set of exceptional rules and procedures taken by the State in emergency circumstances; and allows the State to temporarily suspend all or some of the applicable laws in order to ward off the dangers affecting the State.

Executive Authority

the body responsible for overseeing the legislative, judicial and executive affairs in the State upon announcing the implementation of Martial Law; which shall be defined by a federal decree required for declaring Martial Law

Courts-Martial temporary courts established by orders of the Executive Authority to look into the crimes committed under Martial Law; it is of two types (General Court-Martial, and Special Court-Martial).

Term Description
Federal Law No. (37) of 2006 On Private Security Companies

Competent Authority