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Innovation Diploma Program

Tuesday, 08 December 2020

Page last updated: December 08, 2020
Innovation Diploma Program

The Ministry of Interior has implemented a diploma program for its staff members, the first of its kind across the federal ministries and institutions.
Supported by Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Interior, the program has also been a commitment by the ministry to providing an inspiring innovation environment through ensuring appropriate innovation and training methods for its staff members.

As many as 100 staff members representing various police sectors and GHQs have completed this program which Aims at nurturing graduates with creative skills to become well trained in innovation. This will facilitate circulating culture of innovation to the largest possible number of the Ministry's staff members as well as delivering of the necessary consultation on this field. This had had a positive impact on the implementation of the Ministry's strategy which aims to establish culture of innovation at the institutional work environment as well as to achieve its strategic indicators.

Achieve the Ministry's strategic objectives
Implement standards of corporate excellence
Find new well trained specialists on innovation at the Ministry of Interior.
Supply participants with the required innovative skills.
Transfer of innovation related knowledge and methodologies to the Ministry of Interior's staff members
Submit consultation to use the innovation tools to develop innovative ideas.
Ensure innovation concepts and enablers are unified within all the Ministry's units.
Provide inspiring environment for innovation.

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