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Questionnaire to participate in the developing the policy to use electronic services at the Ministry of the Interior
Issuing of a Light vehicle driving license
Dear Brother/Sister, we highly appreciate your cooperation and participation in this survey. This survey is an attempt to apply the principle of public involvement in the strategy of developing the Ministry of Interiors’ services. The survey however is an attempt to bring to light your desires and ambitions regarding our services. Whereas the Ministry of Interior weighs and welcomes its customers sharing suggestions that would enhance our overall performance, as well as the quality of our services, we are so keen on providing extra services and several service delivery channels to highly valued public/customers. We honestly declare to you that, all data you provide will be treated with strict confidentiality and will be used for analysis purposes only.
Demographic data

Q 1. Gender

Q 2. Age

Q 3. Category

Q 4. Nationality

Q 5. Is easy to access information in this website

Q 6. Information is updated on a regular basis in this website

Q 7. It is easy to access this website using (Google; Yahoo and Bing) search engines

Q 8. This website is compatible with the operating system and the browser I have

Q 9. Designs; images and graphics used in this website are attractive

Q 10. Vacancy advertise requirements are noticeably visible in the website

Q 11. Communication features provided in this website are useful

Q 12. The website is designed to served “People with Special Needs”

Q 13. Using only one account; I can benefit from all the Ministry services

Q 14. Electronic services are provided in a logical sequence

Q 15. The temporary saving feature for electronic transactions, provide me with luxury of completing them anytime I wanted. This is useful to use feature

Q 16. The control and browse previously completed transactions and services fulfill my aspiration and requirements

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If you are from the special needs customers segment, please proceed directly to the branch and you will be served on priority basis. Press Yes to cancel or No to book an new appointment.