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Digital traffic services, now and in the future

Page last updated: March 08, 2021

Strengthening the Ministry of the Interior’s partnership of with the UAE Automobile and Touring Club as part of the strategic cooperation in developing and providing joint services on smart platforms with the highest standards; the Ministry's smart transformation strategy is put in place, thus the services of international driving licenses and the Carnet De Passage (CPD) were rolled out as online services via Ministry of Interior services and apps.

Several traditional procedures have been modified, which in the past used to depend on filling out applications and attaching documents and their photocopies, such as the driver's license, vehicle registration card, Emirates ID, and residency visa. Customers were also asked to appear personally to the customer service offices at the Club or to the Customer Happiness Centers of the Ministry of Interior, based on the initial partnership since 2013. Customers also used to get the Club’s services at one of the 27 partner offices, while smart services are currently being accessed on the Ministry’s apps or website. Customers can apply for services without the need for giving any personal data, driving license details or vehicle details as the system retrieves and fills these requests automatically from the Ministry's database.

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