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Glider sport

Page last updated: February 07, 2021

Launching The Responsibility is Yours" campaign aimed at raising awareness about the sport and hobby of flying glider planes, its requirements and the laws regulating it. The campaign also promotes the definition of safe practices related to this sport and the places where the sport is permissible so as to guarantee non-interference with aviation, and provide safety requirements in order to ensure the safety of life and property. It further introduces the requirements of safe practices in order to protect lives and property.
The campaign runs for two weeks and includes media materials through all media outlets and social media, including legal and general awareness in order to enhance the safety and security of light air sports (glider planes), raise awareness about safety requirements and legal culture, and limit the scale of illegal usage and wrong practices associated with practicing this sport.
Participants in the campaign include authorities and agencies in charge of the safety and correct application of light air sports, such as the Armed Forces, General Civil Aviation Authority, Federal Customs Authority, Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology, as well as a number of local departments in charge of aviation in the UAE and a number of partners.

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