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Respect for the law culture among juveniles across the UAE

Page last updated: December 29, 2020
A memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of the Interior and Erada Center for Treatment and Rehab in Dubai will be signed to spread the culture of respect for the law. The MOU aims to establish a permanent and advanced partnership and cooperation relationship of mutual benefit, based on the directives of the judicious leadership, and in implementation of the strategic plans espoused by both sides.
The MOU provides for promoting the culture of respect for the law among youngsters all over the UAE, especially as juveniles need to be guided to the best methods that consolidate this culture. Emphasis would also be made on the importance of awareness of the law and the need to enhance social and behavioral relations in society, and protect the future of the coming generations and their national gains away from risks that may disturb their lives. The MOU also launches programs, initiatives and community activities between the two sides targeting various segments in the community all over the UAE.
The MOU provides for stepping up cooperation and coordination between the two parties to spread the culture of respect for the law, as it is one of the indications on the community’s progress and a way to protect the community against crime and risks. The memorandum also envisages a methodology for awareness and educational programs for the target groups, thus ensuring that youngsters will abide by the law out of their personal convictions. 
The MOU also provides for cooperation and planning to launch awareness programs in all youth, family and community gatherings across the UAE. This would be achieved by organizing awareness lectures on the importance of respecting the law and preventing crime. Cultural competitions on respecting the law and preventing crime will also be organized to promote the legal knowledge among young people and stress the need to adhere to the law and discuss legal aspects or legally unacceptable behaviors.

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