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Design and development services and the development of new data in order to enhance the user experience

Page last updated: December 29, 2020
The Ministry of Interior is working on the participation of traders in the design and development of services and the development of new data in order to enhance the user experience, and based on that the share your ideas service was launched on the website and by which its granting the public and users the possibility to contribute directly in decision-making.

During the period of June 2015 till the June 2016 the Ministry of Interior introduced a topic under the name of "What do you think of the current Ministry of Interior websites design, and what are the sections that you prefer to bring on home page" and it was the launched on the new website of the Ministry of Interior. 1,000 people from the audience has been involved in the subject with their proposals and their views as they see a fit format of modifications on the design based on them, their most important observations are as follows:

We have received many comments and those were the most important: Decisions based on observations:
Several observations stating that the accessibility of the services It was shown the important services to become more visible to visitors when they visit the website by placing icons show the home page and make it easier for the client to access the service card and access the implementation of the service with a single click.
Several observations indicated the difficulty of accessing the information and data service centers Service centers has been showed on the home page and made it more visible to visitors in addition more information was added as the current data was not sufficient for the service center
Several observations indicate that there is no central coordination in the display of the banners All banners and photos is well presented in order to facilitate the ease of accessibility to the visitors.

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