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Page last updated: October 07, 2021
The ministry keens to involve the public in the development and improvement of its services and its policies and because the partnership between the ministry and its audience is vital and it enriches its work and it will be raising the issue annually of the applications mechanism and the decision-making electronic it enhances the opportunities for the application of sound governance and give the public the ability to express an opinion and to participate with their proposals and their views, the following presentation of the topics which have been launched and the results and decisions that have been taken based on the views of the public:

Design and development services and the development of new data in order to enhance the user experience (2016)
Develop and update user profile properties
The risks of modern and revolutionary technologies use
Risks faced by children
Respect for the law culture among juveniles across the UAE
Police services and feeling of security under the precautionary measures to combat Covid-19
Awareness sessions organized by the Ministry of Interior
Best ways to enhance digital wellbeing in the UAE community
Mechanisms and procedures to support frontline emergency responders
MOI social media platforms
Safe and positive use of digital technology among children and youth
Mechanisms for investing the positive behaviors in Emirati community
AI applications to protect children from online exploitation crimes
Glider sport
Digital traffic services, now and in the future
The awareness-raising efforts on sudden swerving violation
Raise safety and security awareness among nationals and residents
Ways to raise societal awareness on the harms of narcotics and psychotropic substances
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