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Terms & Conditions

General terms & conditions

Without prejudice to the MOI approved information security policies, and in order to enforce on all system users and visitors the rules governing the safe use of the Service Repository System, the MOI has the right to stop, prevent, or terminate the use of the system i) in the event of a breach by a user, or ii) in case there are good grounds to believe that the user has committed a violation of the terms and conditions of use. Actions and activities that are deemed as a breach/violation are, but are not limited to:

  1. The user accessing data that is not intended for such user; unauthorized entry to a server or an account.
  2. Attempt to test, scrutinize, or look for opportunities to hit weaknesses in the system, undermine the safety of transactions or document these transactions without the MOI formal consent.
  3. Attempt to interfere with service delivery to any other user, host, or network, by (for example, but not limited to): placing a virus or a malware onto the system, increasing load on the system, drowning the system with programming codes that influence the system performance and capacity, sending adverting messages to the system, drowning the system with emails, or crashing the system.
  4. Sending unwanted emails to the system, including advertisements of products or services; forging any TCP/IP address or any part thereof in emails, or sending RSS feeds.
  5. Using the system’s link, in any way or form, to send from the system or on behalf of the system, by alluding to or impersonating the system, emails or any other form of communication, that insult or cause prejudice to the MOI or the system, or publish false information or news under the name of the MOI.
  6. An authorized user allowing an unauthorized individual to use his account, regardless of the reason.
  7. Share on social media data that is available on the system, which could potentially hurt the reputation of the MOI, and harm data confidentiality and security, and the system overall performance.


The content of the MOI Service Repository System, which consists of -but is not limited to - text, graphs, pictures, folders, links, and audio files, is the property of the MOI, and is protected under copyright laws. The MOI reserves its rights to protect its copyrights, trademarks, patents, and all other forms of ownership of information that is available on the pages of the system. It is strictly forbidden to use, reproduce, or print any information or material unless there is a print button for that information/material. As such, it is entirely forbidden to distribute, quote, or refer to the content, in whole or in part, without the prior written approval of the owner, which can be sought through appropriate channels. Any attempt to infringe copyright shall be deemed as a violation of Federal Law no. 15 for the year 1892 on publications, and Federal Law no. 7 for the year 2012 on authors’ rights and annexed rights.

Any violation of the terms & conditions of use and any infringement of copyrights (the system or the network) will make the perpetrator liable for civil and criminal responsibility as suspicions of violations or infringements shall be investigated, and the perpetrators shall be prosecuted.