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Privacy Policy


The Ministry of Interior (MoI) pledges to ensure privacy and maintain confidentiality of all information, used or circulated on its web pages and other electronic systems and media. The MoI applies through its departments and relevant divisions, the highest international standards of information security management. It uses the state-of-the-art security and protection software and applications, to provide a safer and a suitable work environment so as to ensure the highest levels of confidentiality and privacy is enjoyed by its customers.

Mechanism and type of collected-information

Some delivered services require customers provide the system with personal information in order to provide them with the best service possible. They are expected to fill out electronic forms, which will entitle them benefit from the services by saving/retrieve this data when required.

The Mechanism: collected data enables us to deliver the best services for the website visitors, either through, the MoI databases, or through electronic forms provided through the system, so as to ensure the best browsing speed. This data is stored and automatically downloaded in the users' systems as “cookies" and this aims at:

  • Ensure a better browsing speed.
  • Users are not requested to provide their account data every time he/she visits the Service Repository.
  • Save and easily locate your favourite settings.
  • Get a greater accuracy in surveys by finding out the number of participations.
  • Pinpoint user’s geographical location in order to advise them of the location of the nearest Service Centre.

The type of information

We would like to emphasize here that, the MoI Service Repository requires only the basic user data in order to bolster the identity verification mechanism, and provide users with better services. We would like to reiterate that, the system does not ask for any bank Account data/information, or any other government services related data, such as the social security data, passwords of any account you have.

Scope of Data and Information

Sometimes; some MoI department's request your personal data for the purposes of education/awareness or for services-marketing purposes. On other occasions, however, survey results are shared with some authorized people/departments consequently, your use of the Services Repository implicitly prompts your prior permission for sharing this information with the aforementioned people/departments, which will ultimately be used in promoting the organizational communication mechanisms.

Eventually; the Ministry undertakes to maintain the security and confidentiality of your data and pledges not to share it with any third parties, it will also undertake to uphold its confidentiality and the security of its contents with as much as attention possible, data will only be shared through proper channels and as per the stated Minstry of Interior’s regulations.

Links and hyperlinks

The Service Repository may introduce you to other links/websites, in this sense; the Ministry disclaims any liability resulting activities and your experience with these websites.

Information Security and Disclaimer.

The Ministry of Interior applies through its technical arm, the Department of Electronic Auditing and Information Security of the General Directorate of Electronic Services and Communication (ICT) the maximum preventive measures and precautions to protect your data and information and put off to any type of risk, using state-of-the-art applications. These measures provide the highest degree of confidentiality; privacy and security, nevertheless, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) disclaims the following:

  1. Bear legal liability arising from any break offs in electronic services delivered through the Service Repository System.
  2. Any legal liability arising from the violating users' privacy resulting of browsing in other web sites/pages not managed directly or owned by the MoI.
  3. Any legal liability resulting from users’ non-compliance with Information Security and Communications policies, or the governing instructions that regulate the access and use of various MoI electronic resources.

Amendment to the Privacy Policy

To keep abreast of changes taking placing in the work environment, amendments will now and then be introduced to the “Privacy Policy”, so as to ensure its comprehensiveness and it is free from any technical, legal gaps and disparities therefore, the Ministry of the Interior preserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy, whenever it believes appropriate and without prior notice, the MoI however, consider your using the Services Repository as an implied approval to these amendments on the policy.