Organizational Unit



By using the Service Repository System, you implicitly agree that the MOI shall not be liable for any damage that could result from your use of the system, system features and privileges. To this respect:

  • The MOI clears itself from any responsibility related to damages that result or that the user might incur from other websites that are neither owned nor managed by the MOI or its sectors.
  • The user shall bear full responsibility for actions and activities he undertakes, and that might harm any part of the systems, other systems that are linked to the service repository system, or any elements related to the hosting of the system.
  • The MOI clears itself from any responsibility for damages to the user that result from a breakdown in the service repository system, regardless of the reason of the breakdown or the conditions under which the breakdown occurs; the user does not have the right to claim financial or moral compensation.

The Service Repository System is one of the free modern services the MOI wishes to deliver to its customers. The MOI shall not be held liable, legally or otherwise, for any harm resulting from the negative use of technology and any associated action and activity that violates UAE culture and UAE applicable laws and regulations.