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The Ministry of Interior (MoI) is devoted to making access to information and services easier through its various channels of electronic services, especially “the Services Repository System”, which contains several features and privileges that would provide all customer categories an outstanding experience in making use of various MoI sectors and formation services smoothly and conveniently, among these characteristics that can be used for easy surfing are as follows:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Multilingualism
  • Site Map
  • Links to and compatible with all browsers
  • Screen zoom in/out
  • Change the text size
  • Colour changing

Corporate Identity

The Service Repository System follows guidelines and the visual identity, which is certified by Technical Affairs and Security Media Department of H.H. Office’s General Secretariat, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister in relation to the systems’ interface colour structure and sub-pages, including the visual identity of use colours and the quality/type of the used fonts in the headlines and paragraphs and the header and footer formats.


The Service Repository System services are designed to accept different cultures in the UAE society, the system default is in Arabic, and however, non-Arabic speakers can access it, using the English version as an option. The English version is accessible by clicking on the English on the page top left corner and on from the main toolbar.

Site Map

The Ministry of Interior follows World Wide Web (W3C) standard when designing the Service Repository so as to determine the format and the overall impression, so browsing becomes easier-flowing experience, taking into account several primary elements, essentially accessing information and service easily.

Links and Compatibility with browsers

The Service Repository System will also provide some links to other websites in an attempt to facilitate the process of accessing information from within our website, meanwhile, we have considered restricting these links to control opening up too many sub-windows.

The system is designed to be compatible with the most frequently used browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 +, Firefox 2.0 +, Safari 3 +, Google Chrome, to ensure a perfect browsing, therefore we recommend that, you re-set your monitor settings to 1024x768.

Zoom in/out the screen

If you experience any difficulty reading the text or view pictures, you can reset the page zoom. You can change the page size, by selecting 'View', and then adjust a larger size that suits your need.

Change the text size

If you have trouble reading the text on the computer screen, you can enlarge / reduce the font size by clicking on the A AA icon on the top of the page. You can change the font size via a web browser as follows:

  • On the Internet Explorer Browser: Please, go the view menu and re-adjust the size as needed.
  • Firefox Browser: go to view menu, then select - enlarge or reduce / adjust the font size. You can also click on the 'Ctrl' and +/- to enlarge/reduce the text size. Use Ctrl and '0 'to return to default size.
  • Chrome browser: in the main menu - go to zoom, then adjust the text size. You can also click on the 'Ctrl' and '+' to enlarge the text size, 'Ctrl' and '-' to reduce the text size. 'Ctrl' and '0 'returns you to the default size.
  • Opera browser: change the size of both text and graphics/pictures by using the '+' and '-' on the numeric keypad. Will change the page size by 10% each time.
  • Safari browser: Click on 'view' on the menu. Then click on 'Make Text Bigger' or 'Make Text Smaller' to change the font size. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts: To change the text size, you can also click on the 'Apple' and '+' to enlarge the font size or 'Apple' and '-' to reduce font size.

Changing colours

If you find it difficult reading the text with coloured background, such as white text on a black background, you can change your browser’s background colours using the following steps:

  • Internet Explorer: Use your mouse to select Tools in the main menu, or by pressing 'ALT' + 'T'. Then select 'Internet Options' using the mouse or by pressing the key 'O'. Button and select 'Accessibility' using the mouse or by pressing 'ALT' + 'E'. When Accessibility, is displayed, select the box next to 'Ignore colours specified on web page' using the mouse or by pressing 'ALT' + 'C'. Click on 'OK' using the mouse or the 'Enter key, which will take you back to the window 'Internet Options'. You will now have the same colours, you have in your computer.
  • Firefox: You can change the background colours and text as follows: Click Tools, or press 'Alt' + 'T' then click 'Options' or click the 'O' to display the window 'Options'. Click on 'Fonts and Colors' or press the 'F' to display the window 'Fonts and Colors' and then set 'Firefox' to use the outline of your computer and click on the box 'Use system colours' or click the 'Tab' and press the 'Spacebar' to reach the box.